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Enzo Racing Spring Tubes

Enzo Racing Spring Tubes

Modern closed cartridge damping systems such as KYB AOS/SSS and SHOWA Twin Chamber function with 2 basic damping systems. The “closed cartridge” is a cylinder, piston rod and base valve with air and oil separated to provide consistent damping force. The total “responsibility” of the closed cartridge we call PRIMARY damping. The PRIMARY damping controls most of the speeds that the fork works, but for the highest speeds the fork is compressed, additional damping is needed to prevent hard bottoming or even long or full stroke usage. This is where SECONDARY damping is utilized. It works independently of the PRIMARY damping, it is outside of the closed cartridge system. The SECONDARY damping systems are either a high speed restrictive “spring perch” or a “spring tube”which restricts oil as it is forced up between the cartridge body and a tube. Both systems provide different secondary damping “responsibiLities”.

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